Flash Friday Fiction

Ted Strutz

Picture courtesy of Ted Strutz        

Electricity, switch, somewhere not in the US – this is what I get from the picture above. The stark contrast of the black and white makes it look both older than I think it is and slightly more menacing. Black and white, on and off – opposites attract.

Word count: 100

Opposites Attract

Angela looked over her shoulder, sneaking a peek at him across the counter. Brooding and dark, his allure was immediate. A sudden spark, a surge of her heartbeat, she felt his pull and pushed it away, knowing it would end badly.

Why did she always want the wrong type? He would be like the others – hot one minute and cold the next. Who needed the heartache?

Still… she could only resist so long. The air around her felt electric as she delivered his bill, her phone number surrounded by a heart, drawn with her usual flourish and charged with hope.

© Erin Leary

(For those keeping track, the number of electrical terms used was 9. See if you can spot them all.)

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