Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of Santosh Writer    

My garden is one of my favorite spots on earth. I have watched it grow and thrive over the years, a truly magical place. This week’s prompt made me think of tears captured in time on a leaf and this is the story that came.

Word count: 99

Full Circle

Sitting in my garden after the rain, everything feels washed clean and new again. This is my safe place; my beloved plants ground me, connect me to the earth again.

Strolling the path, my fingers graze each leaf with tenderness, gathering dew like teardrops on my fingertip. I linger, letting the pain roll off my shoulders. Time would heal, they said. I had nothing but time ahead.

I turn toward the house and see the “For Sale” sign by the road. I blink back tears that look like dew drops, a singular reminder of all that’s been lost.

© Erin Leary

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