Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I should have done what Carrie Rubin did – announce that I was going to take the summer off. However, I hadn’t intended to do so, but life has a way of throwing curves at you. Here it is, the first Friday in September, and like a child returning to the classroom, I come back to Friday Fictioneers, new pencils in my hand, ready to write.

Word count: 100

Burning Woman – an imagined overheard conversation
– You’ve heard about that Burning Man festival, right? I don’t get it. What’s it all about?
– I think it’s a bunch of guys getting together who like camping.
– I don’t think so – it’s more about dancing.
– Men dancing? That can’t be it. Men don’t dance.
– I just know it’s a bunch of guys who go to the desert each year and camp.
– But why is it called burning man? Because it’s hot in the desert?
– I don’t know – that could be it.
– Google it, then.
– I don’t have a burning desire to know more – you do.
– Touché, my dear. Touché.

© Erin Leary

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