Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of AnElephantCant

A snapshot, a moment in time – haven’t we all had that feeling of trying to make sense of something that doesn’t fit?

Word Count:101

End of the Road

Stopped short by the sight, she scrutinized the bike for clues.  What would he be doing here?  He was meant to be at work.

Scanning the area, she didn’t see him.  Maybe she was mistaken – it couldn’t be his, could it?

Breathing more calmly now, she caught a glimpse of a familiar silhouette.  The turn of his head, the sound of his laugh.  Pulled in by the tide now, she saw it all – the touch, their familiarity, the kiss.

Breaking free, she counted her steps back home.  Together, they tapped out a taunt “you should have known, you should have known.”

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© Erin Leary