Friday Flash Fiction


Photo Courtesy of Kent Bonham

Cryptic book in a cryptic photo…My guess is that it’s an adult coloring book or the schematics to some futuristic library system. Either way, I’m struggling with a story. I’ll have to rely on the keyboard muse to take us somewhere interesting this week.

Word count: 101

All That’s Left Behind

The lawn looked bedraggled after all the tromping feet retreated. Yellow tape marked the edges of the yard; “Caution” a warning too late to matter. With no clues or evidence, the police could only speculate.

“Probably just wandered off.”

“No sign of foul play, so…”

Alice heard but couldn’t process the information. Could her family legends be true? Her mother had warned her from taking that book from her father’s desk. She never believed the power was real.

She watched the police cars pull away as though through a fog. They’d find no trace of her son. Of that, she was sure.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. ….and….???? You’ve left me wanting the answer! Did she “spell” him away? A bit of witchcraft? Or bury him for another day and this is the map??? Lots of questions unanswered here and as Tracey said, I want to turn the page!

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