Friday Flash Fiction

Sean Fallon
Photo Courtesy of Sean Fallon

This made me think back to the days when finding the right battery was critical to my young kids. It seemed like every single one of their toys needed a different kind. And then, once I found (or more likely, purchased) the batteries, I’d regret it because it usually meant they were toys that made noise.

I’ve always thought there’s a special spot in hell for people who design annoyingly noisy toys.

Word count: 102


“Hey! My Gameboy stopped working! What the…”

“Mommy! Darling Dance-A-Lot stopped playing…”

“Waaaaah!! No sound…”

My kids made more noise than the toys I’d surreptitiously sabotaged. I knew it was short-lived, however. I had a plan.

“Here – try one of these,” I said in my most convincing voice. “It’s something you’ll love.”

Eying me suspiciously, they turned to look. I held out the treats, calling them to me like the Pied-piper.

“Books, my sweets. Quiet, lovely, books.”

With a little persuasion, they settled in with their new found friends, each one a doorway to a new world. A much quieter world.

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© Erin Leary

27 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Lol… Brilliant sabotage and then the gift of QUIET books! I loved reading as a child, still do but now I wonder if my parents were manipulating me too (I was what was called a noisy child) Hahahaha

  2. Dear Erin,

    My parents bought a toy for my first son called the Toonyville Choo Choo, a toy that shall live in infamy. It had four little discs and played high pitched tunes with a toot-toot punctuating the so-called music. One day he spilled Kool-Aid on it and gunked up the works. We made no move to fix it. Ah peace at last.

    Good story. As you can see I related. Incidentally, that son has been a voracious reader since he was four. 😉



  3. Good story and a great idea, Erin. My son preferred reading and outdoor activities to toys. My daughter played with toys for a while but got interested in playing board games and other activities with neighbor kids. She also became a reader. I didn’t buy many battery toys for them. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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