Friday Flash Fiction

The Reclining Gentleman
Photo Courtesy of The Reclining Gentleman

Stunted tulips, graceful daffodils – harbingers of spring this chilly time of year. The age old cycle of rebirth and renewal, played out by planting dry bulbs in the fall, letting the chill fingers of winter spur them back to life. Sunshine, water, and a little fertilizer is all it really takes to bring beauty into the world.

Word count: 101

Nitrogen Rich

“Your garden is so lush! You always have the best crop in the neighborhood.”

Color rose to Alice’s cheeks. “Ain’t nothin’ really. Just a dab hand with the fertilizer and nature’ll do the rest.”

Everyone had enjoyed the extra bounty this last harvest – tomatoes, zucchini, peas – all had been prolific.

“I make my own fertilizer – them compost bins are the trick. They take all sorts of scraps and turn it into magic. Nitrogen Rich, I call it.”

Alice smiled as she recalled the last words Rich had said to her. She’d take her garden over that bad seed any day.

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© Erin Leary

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