Friday Flash Fiction


Photo courtesy of me!

The pilings are all that is left of the Juanita Slough bridge which spanned the north end of Lake Washington in the late 1800s. They bring to mind the past when I walk by them and create a unique merger of natural and man-made. I like to think about the people who lived along the shore when it was at its heyday. I love how the pilings are now hosting new growth, a reminder that we all can start over, become something new.

Word count: 101

Vanishing Point

Standing at the end of the bridge, Lizzie strained to see through the gloom. He promised to come but she couldn’t stay long or she’d have to explain herself. That would never do. Father had eyed her suspiciously as she made her excuses to walk the shoreline.

Please…she whispered, part prayer, part pleading. In their few short months, they’d shared stolen moments, making their memories last in between. It was never enough.

Out of the dim, she saw his fedora bent against the rain coming toward her. Heart aching, Lizzie practiced the words she must say. “They’ve promised me to another…”


The bridge as it appeared in about 1915.


Another view of the pilings in the bay.

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© Erin Leary

33 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Dear Erin,

    It’s nice to know where this actually is. I really didn’t think it was the rice paddies in Vietnam. 😉 Lovely story, full of pathos of another time. Well done.



  2. This is fascinating, Erin. I enjoyed your very fitting historical take and how your incorporated the bridge. Lovely writing. It’s really something to see the bridge in that old photo. It’s like seeing a ghost. Thanks for the photo!

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  4. I add my thanks to that of the others, it’s great to learn more about the picture, and its interesting history. Your story is beautiful and sad, perfectly set in its time.

  5. You story is so full of yearning. I can feel her grief and helplessness. The photo is very evocative – thank you for providing it. I like the other shots you’ve included, too, and the bit of history. Great reading all round.

  6. Thanks for the pictures and background on the bridge sight, Erin. Great story although really sad. Girls often didn’t work in those days so were totally dependent on the men in their lives. The man she loves may not be surprised with her decision. Well done. — Suzanne

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