Friday Flash Fiction


Photo Courtesy of CE Ayr

I know I’m late this week – but it’s my first story since mid-December. I have missed out on the fun and need to get back to a weekly commitment!

The name of this home is lovely, a warning, perhaps, or tongue in cheek. We’ve all done it – put our hopes and dreams into something that wasn’t meant to last. Here’s to dreaming – and to capturing the moment when it comes.

Word count: 100

Castles in the Sand

How long ago the memory seemed – she felt again the warmth of that day at the beach, innocent and optimistic. Sitting side by side, they planned each room, designing their first home in the sand by the bay, feeling giddy as children.

She felt the rough grains between her fingers, smelling of seaweed and kelp. A seagull cried overhead, white against the blue sky. Hope soared as their dreams took shape.

The telegram began “We regret to inform you…,” Tears tasting of salt and the sea etched down her face. Their future just another sandcastle washed away by the tide.

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© Erin Leary

14 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. What a horrible way to receive such dreadful news. I love how you’ve portrayed the contrast between their dreams for their future, and the sudden shock of the telegram’s message. Very poignant.

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