Friday Flash Fiction

Roger Bultot

Photo Courtesy of Roger Bultot

A rooftop garden, a hillside overlooking the city, a temporary TARDIS that popped up as a portal to some other time…so many options to choose from. I love the light and the juxtaposition of the doorway with the rest of the scene. Let’s see where the story takes us…

Word count: 100

The More Things Change

Waking up with her heart hammering, Hannah crouched low to avoid detection – from what, she didn’t know. A grainy memory surfaced – drinks with her partner and then the image ends. Once beautifully landscaped, the rooftop garden was wild and weedy and a new skyline was illuminated against the sunlit horizon.

Shaking her head against the vision, Hannah focused on what she knew. That last drink, a bitter taste, a smile that held contempt.

Walking slowly toward the stairway, her hand shook on the doorknob as it turned. Better to brave the unknown than live in fear. Time to move forward.

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© Erin Leary

9 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. The tension in your piece is consistently palpable. An alcoholic, who can’t remember? A trauma victim? Sci-fi? I like the way you left that to your readers, but delivered all we need to take us somewhere. Nice job, Erin!

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