Friday Flash Fiction

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Crook

Time, wind, water – all enemies of a cliff like this, made of sandstone – a soft rock rife with ancient seashells. Living nearby means living a watchful life, waiting for the next big storm and wondering what will still be standing come morning.

A big thanks to Sandra Crook for her lovely photo this week!

Word count: 100

Of Sand and Civility

When had boys gotten so rude? Mabel dumped her sodden bags and shrugged off her Shetland sweater, rain drops beading up on the wool.

Once, they’d have helped her up. Kicking her groceries was brutish to say the least. The world was a different place today. Back then, they’d watch her walk by with a sparkle in their eye. Today, she was old as the hills and almost as decrepit.

The rain beat a pattern on her roof, wind kicking up along the strand. Mabel gazed wistfully at the sentinel down the beach, as she readied for the next storm.

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© Erin Leary

34 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. My 23 y/o will sometimes make derogatory remarks about old people, you know, how they are slow, and get in his way blah blah blah. So I make derogatory remarks about young people, how they are always in a hurry and going no where fast. It’s a fun little game that I am pretty sure I am the only one enjoying. lol

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