Friday Flash Fiction

Photo Courtesy of CE AYR

This photo is likely to generate a lot of Cinderella stories this week. It is indeed a rough night when you lose a shoe and it ends up in the gutter. Or maybe it was a throw away all your worries and dance barefoot in the streets kind of night. In the harsh light of day, the mystery remains…what really did happen?

Word count: 100

Told You So
Cindy pulled her head down into her ratty fur collar, trudging home. Black thoughts roiled in her head as she contemplated life’s injustices. Last night was just one more.

He’d liked her best, she knew it. Then along came that floozy and he was gone like a wish at midnight. Her step-mom warned her not to get above her station.

Gait uneven, she rolled along like a peg-legged pirate, her stupid half-shoe lost as she chased Mr. Dreamy out of the club. After a night in lock-up, a missing shoe was nothing. And assault was such a dubious term, really.

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© Erin Leary

42 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

    • Thanks – I enjoyed writing this story. I took a few weeks off, struggling from lack of inspiration but this one popped into my head almost immediately. Love it when that happens!

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