Friday Flash Fiction

Ted Strutz
Photo Courtesy of Ted Strutz
I took my two oldest kids to a local fair one summer day long ago. We rode a few rides and enjoyed an elephant ear for the first time. Later that same week, my ex-husband did the same fair with the kids, except this time, someone on the ride pictured above got sick and baptized my 4 year old daughter as she walked by, causing her to get sick herself. To this day, she can’t see a ride like this without feeling both a little queasy and a lot annoyed. I, selfishly, was always a little tickled that this happened on his watch, not mine. Bad mom. I know.
Word count: 100
Being with him was wrong. But the excitement and the anticipation made it all feel right. Listen to your head. Don’t be a fool. Ignoring all the warnings, Rachel made her choice.
Lengthy absences only made her long for him more. The feeling of being slightly off-balance in his arms left her dizzy and breathless, like a carnival ride from long ago. Flying, butterflies in her stomach, unsettling, unsure. She wanted more. He gave her just enough.
When he stopped contact, her world lurched to a halt. She lost the thread, dangling in midair like an empty ride at the fair.
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© Erin Leary

23 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. He knew how to manipulate her, poor woman. Being deeply in love makes you gullible, shame on those who abuse that trust. I loved your introduction, too. 🙂

  2. Oh that horrible pain of not knowing what happened to a love that seemed perfect… ugh. Really moving story, Erin. And love the ditty about your kids and the fair!

    Not sure if you got my email a while back… but still hoping to connect.

  3. Dear Erin,

    That last line is a punch in the gut. You’ve put just the right words to a most desolate feeling. Well done.
    I have to add that I enjoyed your intro as much as your story. 😉



  4. Good story with great metaphors. We’re lucky if we discover our mistake before it becomes permanent. It would be truly terrible if we’re below when someone becomes ill. Well done, Erin. — Suzanne

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