Friday Flash Fiction

Stephen Baum
Photo courtesy of Stephen Baum

I’m sure this photo will bring out stories about birth and death and going to the light. It’s a blank canvas waiting to have a story imprinted on it. Let’s see what I come up with.

Word count: 100

Vanishing Point

Fidgeting in her chair, Erin wracked her brain for the math term they’d learned in class last week. Staring out the window at a bird on the wire, she ran through terms – Perspective? Parallel? Convergence? What was it when lines came together at the horizon? She pulled at the ends of her hair, struggling to complete the quiz.

Suddenly, it came to her, just like a light bulb coming on over her head in cartoons. Vanishing point! An eloquent math term, it evoked a picture that would remain with her for life.

This story, forty years later, is proof.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. I’ve always thought that a term that colorful ought to have a more romantic definition. Maybe that’s how they lure unsuspecting youngsters into math classes.


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