Friday Flash Fiction

Photo courtesy of Kent Bonham

The picture is a snapshot of life, a snippet of a street where people live their lives and change creeps in gradually. I set my story in Israel, although I’m not sure this is where the picture is from. I tried to see things through Marian’s eyes, dimmed a little by time, but full of joy nonetheless.

Word count: 100

Garlic and Joy

Nothing looked as it used to. Marian adjusted her shopping bags as she shuffled toward home. Her world was being replaced little by little; in her mind, the town was held in time. Words assaulted her eyes – signs for everything, some offering products she’d never heard of.

Garlic wafted by on the warm evening breeze, reminding her of their newly married days – shopping for Ayal, cooking their dinner, the bliss of their early times together. Shifting her bags again to relieve the pain in her shoulders, Marian smiled, her joyful memories held safe from time’s changes in her heart.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. I thought it was in Paris – but I haven’t been to Israel so it very well could of been there! Great memories for her and that makes this story super poignant! Love it! Nan

  2. That’s lovely. Odours so often send us back in time, don’t they? MWhat a happy memory to be reminded of her first married days. Great story.

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