Friday Flash Fiction

Madison Woods

This photo first appeared in October, 2012. My story from that week is here.

The picture has a similar impact on me, reminding me of my time spent in Japan, the people I met there and a woman who is near and dear to my heart, Mihoko. She lived with us for about a year as a ‘mother’s helper’ when my older two children were babies and helped in so many ways – mostly, as an experienced mother who’d raised her children, she let me know I was doing OK when things felt hard. Patient, calm, and always willing to help, she was a true blessing and we are still dear friends, even now that those two babies are all grown up.

Word Count: 100


Her life’s dream rested here. Opening the restaurant had been a labor of love and honor. Named for her grandfather, Hiro, his hands had lovingly taught her the art of becoming Itamae and all that came with that title – the importance of one’s ingredients, one’s utensils, one’s patrons, and one’s movements. Their sushi-ya would be known for creating dishes full of both artistry and heart.

Mihoko nodded, looking around her; her white coat and apron spotless, her knife sharp and her heart full. She turned on the lights and opened the door to her future, ready to serve.


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© Erin Leary

30 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Wonderfully written. I think Mihoko would be honored that you used her name in this story…it reflects on her…sharpness, readiness, and full heart…that she shared with you that year as “a mother’s helper.”

  2. I sensed her preparations as almost a ceremony of sorts, with everything being just so before she could begin. How great you had that experience with her and that you’re still friends. Great story.

  3. This was a perfect word picture of a woman well-trained to do a job she loves. She’s filled with confidence. Thank you for the background of your time in Japan.Well done, Erin. 🙂 — Suzanne

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