Friday Flash Fiction

Doug Macilroy
Picture courtesy of Doug MacIlroy

Other worldly, mysterious, shrouded in mist – This picture brings to mind something that should be science fiction. Doug has a way of taking our world and making it seem like some place altogether different. I like that about him.

Despite all that, I went a little more mundane. Or did I?

Word count: 101

Into the Mist

“You promised to watch them!” Angela’s fury radiated off her in waves. “You are such a major fuck up, Larry.”

Larry shrank under her glare, shaking his head. “I thought I could still see them!”

“They’re your kids, too, asshole. You have to pay attention.”

“Honey, they’re OK. They just needed to blow off some steam.”

“You’d better hope so.” Larry imagined wisps of smoke streaming from her nostrils as she sighed. Grabbing her coat, Angela headed out into the cold.

His last view of her was blurred, a scaly tail burning a trail of anxiety in the snow behind her.

© Erin Leary

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17 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. You throw in the hints about dragons so well all the way through, Erin, but I must admit, I only realised that after I’d read that superb last line. Angela had better find those kids, or Larry’s likely to be frazzled! Well done.

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