Friday Flash Fiction

Roger Bultot

Picture courtesy of Roger Bultot         

This looks like a bad day in the making for somebody. Dreams going up in smoke, where there’s smoke there’s fire, or smoke gets in your eyes – all good ideas for a possible story. But not me. Nope. Going in a different direction.

Word count: 100

Butt Out

After the smoke cleared, the forensic team went to work to find the cause. A dropped cigarette in the bedroom was the point of origin.

“Lucky for you the firemen got here in time to save the place, huh, Jeff?”

“Yeah. Lucky.” Jeff shook his head and walked away, shoulders slumped in defeat.

“You heard the cause, right?” Luke turned to see another neighbor.

“Yeah – dropped cigarette. I didn’t even know Jeff’s wife smoked.”

“That’s just it. She doesn’t. You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you, Luke?”

“Dammit. Poor guy. I really know how to make a bad day worse.”

© Erin Leary

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32 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Well, Jeff could be in trouble in a few different ways, not quite sure which way at this point. I had a bit of trouble following who was saying what, but maybe it’s me. I know I’m not ever going to smoke in bed from now on!

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