Friday Flash Fiction

Dawn Landau

Picture courtesy of Dawn Landau

I walk my dog at the local dog park several times a week. Penelope is a big fan of the wide open spaces, chasing birds, her tail and anything else she can find. One of her favorite things to do is to find a pile of something smelly and roll in it. Good thing there is a self-service dog washing place on the way out. Our faithful friends are entwined around our hearts. This is in honor of all of them.

Word count: 100


Walking along the tracks, Dawn enjoyed the sun on her shoulders.

“C’mon, Duke, you old slow poke. Stop sniffing everything!”

Hearing a leaf rustle behind her, she turned to look. She saw his fluffy tail heading into the bushes – or was it a branch?

She shook her head ruefully. Duke couldn’t resist a good scent or a quick chase.

Arriving at their resting spot along the trail, Dawn sat down and reached into her pack, opening a small canister.

“Sniff around all you want now, buddy boy. You’re free.”

Ashes and tears floated across the tracks, glinting in the afternoon sun.

© Erin Leary

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28 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. Oh Erin… do I remember correctly, that you lost your dog last year? It was such a bittersweet, special time when we went to spread our own old girl’s ashes. Such wonderful family members they are, and so hard to lose them!

  2. As a newbie to the Friday Fictioneers challenge, I’ve been visiting some of the other writers.
    Your story is sad. It captured my heart as I had the loss of a treasured pet a year ago.
    I have much to learn about the craft of writing. I feel honored to have found such prestigious ones to learn from.

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