Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of Jan Wayne Fields     

Elegant table setting, a courtyard view. Something about this seems to evoke a feeling of deeply held secrets and denial. Let’s see where this idea takes me.

Word count: 100


She’d waited as long as she could. Dinner was ruined anyway. The candles burned out long before she gave up hope. Pain pierced her core.

Coming home to the dark apartment, the table told the whole story. He’d forgotten their plans; the dinner, the celebration, their anniversary.

One drink turned into two, then three. Then home with the cute young thing with the piercings. Too late, he realized that what he’d lost was everything.

Her note said it all: “Goodbye, good riddance – I hope she was worth it.”

Mirrored in the window, his reflection felt as hollow as his soul.

© Erin Leary

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17 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Awe, Erin.This was a perfect story for this prompt. Every line hit me to the core, but I hope she wasn’t worth it. I hope she gave him the clap! Nothing says, “Dude, you made a big mistake” like being alone with your regret and an STD. Says the woman once scorned by a jerk.

  2. The change in POV threw me, first off. (Nothing is more tiresome than people bleating ‘POV’ so I’ll say no more on that.) I sense his regret but echo Honie’s sentiments. Grinning like mad. Nice one.

  3. I can’t, somehow, manage to drum up sympathy for him, although the last line is beautifully poignant: ‘his reflection felt as hollow as his soul.’ But to me, he got his just rewards. Enjoyable read.

  4. Dear Erin, Wonderful story and so touching! You are such a great writer and I look forward to your submission each week. He deserves his loneliness now and forever! Good job! Nan 🙂

  5. Good story, Erin. It probably happens a lot. I bet it wasn’t the first time it happened with them. This was probably the final blow in the marriage. Now he can find out what alimony feels like.Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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