Flash Friday Fiction

Melanie Greenwood

Picture courtesy of Melanie Greenwood        

Post wedding, post hall of fame ceremony…lots of things are now “post” so it must be time to post here. I have been distracted, detracted, and retracted. I have words stacking up that need to get out. Time to get busy.

Today’s story was triggered by this image that has gone viral. Devotion of this kind deserves to be celebrated.

And for those who might celebrate new love, a picture of my darling daughter as a beautiful bride is below. 

Word count: 102

The Empty Chair

Moving slowly across the courtyard, the dowager barely balanced her cup of tea on its saucer. Teetering slightly, a splash went over the edge to the ground.

Marcus was relieved as she made it to the table and took her seat. As usual, she opened her book, removed the photo in its stand and settled in.

Sighing deeply, her hand caressing the spine of the book, Mrs. Earl Grey (for that’s how Marcus always thought of her) enjoyed her daily tea in the company of those she loved best – well written words and her dear departed husband. Simplicity, beauty, and ritual remained.

© Erin Leary

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15 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

    • Thanks, Claire. I want to read more about your journey to publication. I am still working on revisions requested from an agent I hope will be mine some day. Your insights will give me some perspective, I’m sure.

  1. Dear Erin, Your daughter is beautiful! I love her dress and her husband is a lucky man! Your story is very poignant! Such a sweet tale and I love that Marcus has named her “Mrs. Earl Grey.” Really, really good – Happy for you and your daughter and husband. Thanks for sharing picture! Nan 🙂

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