Friday Flash Fiction


Picture courtesy of Dee Lovering

My first thought was that this looked like a village in Croatia we visited when we stayed there one summer. It’s a lovely place – and even if this isn’t that village, I will pretend that it is.

Word count: 102


Sasha listened to the lambs bleating all morning. They echoed off the hills surrounding the harbor village, lingering like ghosts on the wind, wafting out over the Adriatic.

-Mama, can I see the lambs? They’re so cute and fluffy.
-Sweetie, they will be tired by the time the festival begins.

In the square at sunset, smells mingled – garlic, rosemary, hot oil. Sasha’s eyes took in the booths, the vendors, the colors – and the monsters. Red and shiny, their legs in the air.

-What are those?

His uncle’s answer echoed in his head for years.

-Why, there are your lambies, my boy. Delicious!

© Erin Leary

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18 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. At some point in every child’s life comes the revelation between the animals in the field and the food on the table. You handled this graphically and well. I’m off lamb anyway. 😉

  2. Yum! I was brought up on a farm, so I know where my food comes from. We used to freak out our guests by telling them the name of the animal they were eating 🙂 Great piece, brought back memories!

  3. Dear Erin,

    My husband’s uncle owned a farm and had a young bull the kids named Barney. One night at dinner, he and his brothers nearly caused their sister to become a vegetarian when they pointed out the “Barney burgers” on her plate.
    Love your story. Perhaps his uncle could’ve been a bit more tactful, though. 😉



  4. Uncle doesn’t win any points for tact, but your story seemed quite real. As for me, I think lambs are adorable, but I also love to eat lamb (although they’ll be glad to know I don’t eat meat too often.)


  5. You have set the scene and written this so well Erin. That moment when we realise that the fluffy lambs and chicks will be our dinner one day, although I think Mama needs to have a word with his uncle about timing!

    PS The photo was taken in Valldemossa, Majorca.

  6. I often watched my dad clear fish so I was used to that. I don’t eat meat often, but I prefer it sliced, except chicken which I’m used to seeing on the bone. My mother lived on a farm when young and refused to eat the ham that had been her pet pig. Children are often not encouraged to make pets of some farm animals. Good story and well written.

  7. I know of many people who stopped eating meat when they saw them butchered or as “meat”! I guess poor Sasha must have been too shocked to grasp the harsh reality between his lambs-the pretty ,fluffy ones and the red monsters-cool take on the prompt,enjoyed it:-)

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