Flash Friday Fiction

Adam Ickes

Picture courtesy of Adam Ickes
Something I learned years ago in grade school art is that two lines that run parallel will approach a vanishing point, which can provide the proper perspective to your drawing.  This photo made me think of that lesson.

Word count: 100

Vanishing Point

When I was eight, life stretched out before me to a distant horizon, endless and unknown.

Now that I am 88, I look back and the horizon I see is that of my youth.  It looks far away, but my shadow travels along the path as I remember the moments that matter – family, falling in love, babies, losses.  No possessions come to mind, only memories of the people who touched my life.

I’ve lived the full breadth of my life, ignoring the narrow point ahead.  Whether I look forward or back, it is always there, vanishing just over the horizon.

© Erin Leary

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27 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. The narrow point ahead – what a beautiful metaphor. I like how your character sees her world, although I think the line “I have perspective” is probably unnecessary – leaving the reader to see that might have more power.

  2. A beautifully reflective piece – really enjoyed it. I wondered about ‘breadth’ of life as opposed to ‘width.’ Even though they are pretty much synonymous I just thought breadth had a better flow to it. Maybe that’s just the Englishwoman in me… 🙂 Well done.

  3. Dear Erin,

    I loved this from an artist’s point of view. It’s all about perspective. Your narrator has her perspective in proper order. My favorite line: “No possessions come to mind, only memories of the people who touched my life.” Beautiful, full of truth and much to ponder. Bravo!



  4. Erin, this is a lovely, tender story about ageing and the affect that has on your ability to see what really is important in life. So well written, beautiful.

  5. Your tale is an excellent counterpart to Janet’s — yours more sombre and reflective, hers a bit more light-hearted, but both great tributes to perspective.

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