Flash Friday Fiction

copyright Danny Bowman

Picture courtesy of Danny Bowman
Stark, wide, forlorn.  This is what you might call a blank canvas.  I wonder where my story will take me?

Word count: 100

Ashes to Ashes

Sitting together on the rock, they faced the hill they’d heard about forever.

“’Tis the most beautiful place on earth, Beenoskee.”

Sheila soaked her father’s stories in as a child.  Annie had less patience for his old country talk.

“Not nearly as tall as I’d imagined,” Sheila whispered, as though in church.

“He built everything up larger than life.” Annie fiddled with her hair, head down.

“He loved us, you know.”

“Yeah.  He knew fuck-all about parenting, though.”

“True.  But let’s do this one last favor.”

Sheila passed the bottle to Annie.  Toasting their pa, they let his ashes fly.

© Erin Leary

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33 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Great job creating sympathetic characters in so small a space, darling. The mixed history comes through very well.

  2. Hm…tell you something good. This story. This story was GOOD. I agree 100% with sethbang—you created three believable, relatable characters from a desert’ish landscape. Awesomely done!

  3. Dear Erin,

    This is so believable and the dialogue is spot on. Sounds a little like conversations my brother and I have had about our parents. Sometimes I wonder if we really had the same ones. 😉



    • Yes – it does feel a bit like we each have our own experiences with our parents. Luckily, my dad was nothing like this guy. He made for a better story, however.

  4. Erin, I see echoes of my life here, though my father was a good parent I had a similar conversation with my sister.
    Thanks for the bitter-sweet memories this evoked.

  5. I don’t think any two siblings ever had the same set of parents. Interesting how growing up in the same family can be so different for two individuals. Nicely told.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

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