Friday Flash Fiction

Copyright Sandra Crook

Picture courtesy of Sandra Crook
Village life in France…this photo makes me want to be there now.

This story may be the predecessor of last week’s tale of reprisal. 

Word count: 98

Hay Fever

The smell of hay brought it all back. Summers spent on the farm, the warm afternoons in the hayloft, their sighs disturbing only the mice.  Smiling, she shook her head at the memory; at their folly, his hay fever, the sneezing.

Stepping up the pace to reach to pharmacy, she didn’t want to keep her husband waiting.  His allergies were bothering him this week.  Eyes red-rimmed and weepy, he cursed the hay truck as it passed.

“Damn hay – gets me every time” he said, sneezing loudly again.

Suddenly, she knew where he’d been that afternoon.  Suddenly, she knew.

© Erin Leary

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44 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. I’m going to disagree with Janet and maybe see if I can draw her into an Internet Troll style fight, complete with Star Trek fight music and American Gladiator batons. I think that “A Roll In The Hay” would have been a better title, to fit a very nearly perfect story. Loved this one, Erin. But Janet’s wrong. Just WRONG. And she smells. And her opinions are dumb. Na na na na na na. (feeling immature at the moment.)

  2. Yikes!The fool-he should have known better-couldn’t he find a better spot at least?Well,now he is in trouble-wonder if she will bring him poison instead of anti allergic meds?A wonderful story with a fascinating end,Erin 🙂

  3. Damn, he should have kept his mouth shut if he knew what was good for him. Excellent transition from innocent memories to the revealing of a betrayal!

  4. Oh now, let’s not jump to conclusions. I’m sure he has a reasonable explanation. This is only circumstancial evidence, and pretty slim at that 🙂 Or is this the straw that broke her back?

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