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Sharing Sarah Ann Hall’s review: The Anthology of Flash Fiction put together by Madison Woods, featuring writers from our Friday group. Short, zippy, and wide ranging themes – buy yours today!

Sarah Ann Hall

‘You can tell a book by its cover’. Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t think the oft-repeated maxim applies to Madison Woods’ 1 Photo, 50 Authors, 100 Words. Fifty authors looked at the photo that makes up the cover of this anthology and came up with fifty different flashes.

The 100-word stories squeezed between the covers represent all genres of fiction – contemporary, historical, sci-fi, horror, comedy, crime and poetry. The authors’ imaginations consider love, loss, hate, fear, illness, death, survival, nature, success, ingenuity, and more. In sum, there really is something for everyone within these pages.

Buy your copy, look at the photo and decide what it says to you, before dipping in and being hooked by how it spoke to others.


Edited by Madison Woods, the authors included are: Stephanie Ayers, Holly Suzanne Beckman-Filbert, Sarah Paige Berling, Vincent J Bracco, JK Bradley, Jan Brown, Michelle Bunt, Sandra Crook, Marilyn…

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