Flash Friday Fiction

Janet Webb

Photo courtesy of Janet Webb

The painting in this photo reminded me of the icon used by Helena Hann-Basquiat, one of our illustrious Friday Fictioneers.  So much so that it was her voice I heard tell my story. Here is what she said….


Word count: 100

Of Course, Darling

– You realize I’ve lived a deliciously wicked life, don’t you my dear?
– Yes, you keep reminding me of your sordid past.
– Sordid!  I never.  It was lovely, exhilarating, marvelous!  Sordid is not at all the word.  And one must always choose the right word, darling.
– For you, maybe.  Not so much for me, watching from the sidelines.
– Come and join me then.  Don’t be such a prude.  A wallflower.  A statue has more life!
– You never did understand me, did you?
– Better than you think, my love.
– Always the dilettante, always the last word.
– But of course, darling.  Bien sûr.

© Erin Leary

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50 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. fldafkdaugoirgiljdSFHHHJHJHJH:!!!!!!!!
    (That’s because I don’t know how to spell the onomatopoetic word of amusement and sheer flabbergasted happiness coming from my mouth right now!)
    That was wonderful, darling. Simply to die for.
    Incidentally, Janet once told me that that painting was how she pictured me, so very a propos, darling.

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