Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of Dawn

Two women, shopping at the jumble sale, talking about men, as women often do.

Word count: 100

This Little Light of Mine

– You know, he talks a lot of big words but then he puts that light of his right under a barrel.  Someone who thinks he’s that clever oughta put his lamp on the bed stand, you know what I mean?  Shine it for all to see!

– Makes you wonder what he’s got to hide, that’s for sure.  Maybe he’s not as bright as he likes to let on.

– Well, you know what the good book says, dear.  Those that have, get and those that don’t, don’t get much more. 

– I know, mama.  Don’t I know. Oooh – isn’t the pink one pretty?

© Erin Leary

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18 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Dear Erin,

    This put me in mind of a summer trip to a flea market with a good friend last summer. Our conversation was more fun than the shopping itself.

    Natural dialogue between women. Nice.



  2. Erin, this is going to sound bizarre. Okay, now that you’re prepared, when I first saw this week’s photo, the song “This Little Light of MIne” popped into my head. I went in a totally different direction with my story, but that was my very first thought. I too chose to write dialogue this week. Well done.

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