Flash Friday Fiction

Courtesy of Bjorn Rudberg

Picture courtesy of Bjorn Rudberg
Direct from Sweden, here is a picture from Bjorn Rudberg!  At least, I assume this is a picture of Sweden.  Well, I’m going to go with that as I present to you the story of the Bergsgetter.  

Word count: 100


The smallholding farm had been theirs for generations.  Perched high on a hillside, they eked their livelihood from the rocky soil.  The payoff was a sweeping view across the rolling hills and valley below, ever-changing by season and weather.

Isolation bred independence and indifference to the outside world. Subtle changes, their feet hardening, their faces lengthening, went unnoticed. The unexpected arrival of a visitor changed everything.

This one walked on two legs, had no horns, wearing cloth instead of fur.  Something smelled wrong about him.  Dealing with him swiftly, their routine prevailed once more. No outsider would ever change their ways.


© Erin Leary

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16 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Oh my! Initially I thought this was a human settlement that had stayed away so long, it was now completely alien and different from its own kind! But this turned out to be something much more unique and interesting 😀 Great story!

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