Flash Friday Fiction


Written from Salt Cay, a place of beauty and endless sunshine – thoughts of preserving this place and the old ways struck me today as the lonely keyboardist played his music today.

The retreat has been wonderful – inspirational, informative, interactive – all of which will help me with the work I’d like to do.  More to come on the subject, in a future post.

Word count: 104

The Wrong Key

Most would envy his job – singing for tourists on Salt Cay as they enjoyed their visit to the island. His keyboard provided the melody, beat and harmony at the push of a key. Sacred songs wafting on the ocean breeze, a benediction to the waves, the gulls, and sandpipers. No one listened anymore.

He sang on, his voice soaring across his homeland, skimming across the water as it did in his father’s day, his father before him. An elegy – the same song, same blessing, same hope.

Bowing his head in reverence, he hit the power key just as the sun colored the western sky.

Salt Cay

22 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. I enjoyed the sadness of singing sacred songs for no one. How something that was once a prayer now goes unheard. It’s terribly sad.

    • Doug, I have been touched by this event and energized in a way I didn’t imagine was possible. I will be working on my notes and would be happy to share what I got out of it. Let me know if you are interested.


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