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Photo Courtesy of Janet Webb

I head to the Bahamas on Saturday.  It is my first visit to the Caribbean, and I am looking forward to it.  I was reminded of the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1994 when I saw this week’s prompt, and ecided that would be my theme. 

I am attending my first ever Writer’s Retreat – and it came about somewhat indirectly through this forum.  I began to follow some of my fellow Friday Fictioneers on Twitter.  That led me to following Erin Niumata, who works for Folio Literary Management.  She tweeted about an online auction in support of Diabetes Research and I was the winning bidder on the package for the Salt Cay Writer’s Retreat.  Voilà!  Short story made long, I am thrilled to be attending and so anxious about it I might throw up.  Wish me luck – I will try to do next Friday’s prompt from Paradise Island!

Word Count: 100

Paradise Lost

It felt like the end of the world, really.  All that rain, but worse, the sound of the wind.  Andrew chewed through the islands with the ferocity of a wild animal, leaving wreckage in his wake. Some things destroyed, others left unscathed.  The randomness of survival, that was what struck him most.

In a world where life can change in a gust of the wind, how else to live but embrace the moment?  He stretched back in his rewoven hammock and soaked in the sun.  There was a lot to be said for island life.  Paradise found once more.

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© Erin Leary

7 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Dear Erin,

    Congratulations on winning the retreat. Going to set up shop in your hammock? I would.

    I enjoyed your story very much, having weathered a few tropical storms myself. Well written.



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