Flash Friday Fiction

one-tomorrowCopyright John Nixon

I know this man. He’s lived a rich life, now circumscribed to walking his errands around the neighborhood. He’s made friends in all the shops; stopping to ask about people’s lives, their families, their days. His bearing is dignified in his Navy veteran ball cap, his smile ready, his presence a part of their routine now.

Word Count: 100

A True Gentleman

– Where is he? He’s usually stopped in by now.
– Who’re you talking about?
– You know – our gentleman caller. He’s late. Where do you think he’s gotten to?
– Oh – didn’t you hear? I guess you were off yesterday.
– What? Did something happen?
– His daughter came in yesterday to pick up their groceries. He passed away on Sunday. I told her how much we enjoyed his visits every morning.
A tear etched its way down her cheek as she spoke. Neither of them said anything for a while.
– Such a kind man.
– A good life, that’s what he had.
– A good life.

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© Erin Leary

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