Flash Friday Fiction


copyright-roger-bultotCopyright Roger Bultot

Storms blow through and trees come down.  I live next to a small forest and some of the trees there bend mightily when the winds whip through.  I’ve listened in the night through the storm for the sound of a crack and wait, not for lightning, but the crash….

Word Count: 101

Like a Good Neighbor

It happened in a flash – lightning, crack, crash.  Brittle with age, the oak tree snapped at the base, smashing the parked car.

No magic genie appeared to write the insurance claim, no one showed up to claim the car at all.  A crew came to clean up the mess, towing the car away.

It took another few days before the neighbors noticed the smell.  The coroner figured she died the night of the storm, a heart attack.

“Wish I’d taken the time to get to know her – seemed like a nice woman.” Lost in a flash, another good neighbor gone forever.

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© Erin Leary

18 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Very sad Erin. Although there’s not much in the way of visual inspiration in the photo, just a tree on a car, it’s amazing the different ways people have woven their stories. Well done.

  2. Dear Erin,

    This is flawless from beginning to end. It’s also close to home…not the tree part, but recently my neighbor across the street passed suddenly. Unlike your story, she was found before decay set in. In any case, your piece makes a poignantly layered statement. Bravo!



    • Thank you, Rochelle. I didn’t have a great feeling about this entry, but am glad that it read well for you. I continue to feel challenged by the 100 word limit – but it is a great exercise.

      I am now applying it to my work writing – keeping things much tighter and focused. An unexpected benefit of this personal challenge!

  3. Dear Erin,

    A good friend steered me in your story’s direction. (I’d have gotten there, but more slowly and less directly.) I’m glad she did. Yours story was very simple, spare almost, yet it said so much about life and the way precious moments and great love can be lost if we don’t reach out to each other. I loved the story. Love you. And love what you taught us all with your eloquent hundred words.



    • Thank you, Doug. I appreciate your sentiments and agree wholeheartedly. The most important part of life are those connections that make us human. I’m glad this brought the out and I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hi Erin,
    Liked the way you used the State Farm insurance commercial in your story. Apparently the woman who died didn’t have State Farm, because they protect all their policy holders from all form of evil (biting sarcasm). Ron

    • Heh heh – Ikm going to guess you have some first hand experience with State Farm.

      The picture made me think of the insurance claim and the rest followed. I wonder what the story would have been if I’d thought of Geico first…..

  5. Dear Erin,
    It takes more than living next door to someone to be a neighbor. You captured that perfectly with this sad piece. Very well written and I liked the irony of the State Farm motto as well.

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