Flash Friday Fiction


Picture courtesy of Claire Fuller

 I wasn’t going to write an entry this week – I’ve been sick with a cold, feeling overwhelmed with all that isn’t getting done at work and at home….you know the many reasons not to write.  I saw the photo on Wednesday and waited for inspiration to arrive.  This evening, as I decided to call it a night, I thought “what would I be looking for in a library like the one in the picture?” And it came to me.  I’d be seeking inspiration. And there was my muse, an old man in a grey sweater, waiting to help me out.

Word Count: 100

Something Lost

“Inspiration,” muttered the old man in the grey frayed sweater, “I know there’s a book on ‘Inspiration’ here somewhere.  Magical, it is, really.  Full of great ideas for writers with none.  That’s your problem, innit?”

I startled, not sure how he saw right through me.  I’d just walked into this old bookshop to get out of the rain.  I hadn’t expected to be analyzed.  But there it was.  I was sorely in need.

“Ah, found it!  Right where the last one of you lot left it.”  Blowing dust off the jacket, he handed the tome to me. 

Weekly crisis averted.

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© Erin Leary

28 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. I need that book… Nice one Erin. Hope you’re feeing better – I’ve been bad for almost three weeks with this virus – but that seems to be par for the course with this one.

  2. oh – just for a peek at the pages ! Feel better soon, glad you wrote. Sometimes when I am busy I glance at the picture and write it in my head as I drive to work or wait.

  3. This was a lovely read. This prompt is so perfect this week, am enjoying what books mean to us writers. I love your bookshop owner – nobody said a muse had to be perfectly dressed.

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