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This tree reminds me of those in the foothills around the area I went to college.  Seeing it brought to mind a picnic there these now many years ago.  That tree still stands; surely countless others have enjoyed its shade and come to think of it as their tree.  Back then, it was ours.    P.S. Extra points to anyone who know where I got the title from….P.S.S.  I’m working on a short story … if anyone would like to be a reader, I would appreciate feedback.

Word Count: 100

Photographs & Memories

Sun filtered through the branches of the gnarly old tree.  ‘I wonder what it is’, she thought, gazing up from her back, looking at the blue sky beyond.

The wine made her sleepy. The air was warm and it was too hard to think about genus and leaf shape and botanical names.  She just wanted to be here, right now, enjoying this respite from the grind.

She held her breath, taking in the moment, knowing that someday, years from now, she would want to come back to it, savoring it like a nut that had been squirreled away for winter.


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© Erin Leary

29 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. Wasn’t this title also the name of a Jim Croce song? Beautiful story, Erin. I think everyone has laid on the back under a tree and enjoyed the view at one time or another. Great line – like a nut that had been squirreled away for winter.

    • You win the prize. Jim Croce it was. I think that may have been my first vinyl album that I paid for – and played on my portable stereo, which was really just a turntable. I took it to college with me when I left home. 🙂

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