Flash Friday Fictioneers


Back in the home town; looking for inspiration.  The story of Mystic brought a tear to my eye.  What a majestic animal; the bonds go deep.  This photo is courtesy of Doug MacIlroy; this story is also for him.

Word Count: 94


You brought me apples when I was hungry.  You heard my song and came to sing with me.  You listened.  You knew.

I’m happy in my new pasture.  A lovely young woman gives me lots of attention.  I am free here, fewer fences and more room to run with my new friends.  I like being free.

But at night, especially under a full moon, I strum our song and wait for you.  I imagine you there, listening, an apple in hand.

Not many words, always just enough. That was your gift.

I miss you.

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© Erin Leary

25 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Erin,

    I’m with Sandra. My eyes are brimming and in a good way. Your story was beautiful and sensitive and lifted my spirits. I’m going to print it out and keep it in a safe place always. Thank you.



    • Doug,
      When my dog, Phred, died a few years ago, my brother sent me a letter written from Phred’s perspective, thanking me for all I’d done over our years together and it overwhelmed me, making me both happy and sad – but mostly amazed. How did my brother know so many details about my dog? It turns out he reread something I’d written about Phred on his top ten quirks.

      That letter still makes me wistful – and it was on my mind when I sat down to write this week. I am glad you liked it. Being “chosen” by an animal is an honor – you were given that by Mystic.
      Take care,

    • Thank you, Russell. I appreciate hearing that. I have grieved over the loss of an animal. They have a way of being what you need without an expectation of anything in return. That’s a true gift.

  2. A lovely epitaph to add to Doug’s collection. He’s created an interactive memorial for Mystic by introducing him to all of us and best of all is that Mystic’s gone to a better life, not died. Ann

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