Cardinal Conclave Concurrence

I happen to be in Rome for meetings at the same time the Conclave of Cardinals is at the Vatican selecting the new pope. I am not Catholic, but the importance of this event is not lost on me. It is something that has been going on for centuries. As with many things one sees in Rome, it is rich with history.

Tonight, we are dining at a restaurant near the Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s will be in sight. Perhaps we’ll see white smoke following their vote at 7 pm. If not, then maybe before I leave on Saturday morning.

Rome, the Eternal City

Rome, the Eternal City

Rome, the Eternal City

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Conclave Concurrence

  1. You know, Cardinal Trurkson, from Ghana my country is one of the ‘contenders’ and though I’m not catholic too, we here are keeping our fingers crossed. But somehow, I doubt if history will be made by electing a black pope 🙂

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