Friday Flash Fiction


Photo courtesy of Janet Webb.

We are in the middle of a major kitchen remodel at our house.  This one made me think about taking on a new project.  Or rather, not. 

I’m heading to Moscow for a week – hope to post something next Friday.  We’ll see!

Word Count: 100


– What do you see in that old place – chimney’s caved in, for God’s sake!

Ah, you see the negative.  I see possibilities!  We’re in that doorway, welcoming our kids and grandchildren to our lovely cottage in the country.  The roof’s red, with whitewashed walls, window boxes full of flowers.  The grandkids love it – they play outside all day; we love it because it makes them want to visit us.

– All I see is a lot of work, and money flying out the door. Guess that’s why I married you – I love that you see the good in everything.  Even me.

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© Erin Leary

27 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

    • Thank you – Moscow is for work. I have today (Sunday) to adjust to the time change, so I’ll get a little it of sightseeing in. Then it’s off to meetings all day until I leave Saturday morning. Still, it’s an amazing trip to be able to take.

    • Thank you, Rochelle. I feel fortunate to be here. I look around and pinch myself that I am in a place I’d read about for years and has such a rich history. I never expected to visit here – as a child, it seemed so remote and foreign. Last night after arriving, I walked around Red Square and saw St. Basil’s. It never gets old. Probably one of my favorite sights in the whole world.

    • I have been reading but am unable to post my comments on other’s blogs. Not sure why, but have tried multiple times multiple ways, but something is preventing me. I can, however, reply to comments on my own page. So – I am not ingnoring people, I just can’t make myself heard!! Next week…..

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