Flash Friday Fiction

It took looking at this picture awhile before I could see what was going on.  It reminded me of some of the obscure art installations I’ve seen while traveling.

Picture copyright-David Stewart

Word Count: 90


Skipping Stones

– I feel like that sometimes.

– Like what?

– That sculpture thing there – the legs in the pavement, the guy jumping out.

– What are you talking about?

– When I travel – I feel like I jump through the earth and pop up in some new place.  I feel disoriented, fragmented, not quite myself.

– You come up with the strangest thoughts.  By the way, where are we again?  

– I don’t know – check your itinerary.  Somewhere in Japan, I think.

– Huh.  Right.  Day 5.  Look at that temple!

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© Erin Leary

15 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. I hate organised sight-seeing tours, and you’ve captured the relentless schedule here beautifully. One sight after another and in the end it all merges into one… Well done.

  2. I have felt like that myself. Way back in the day, I saw a movie (don’t remember anything about it other than the sense of hurrying) called “If it’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium.” This reminds me of that.


  3. well done. with the alternating dialogue, only two people, names aren’t necessary, so you saved words. good. however, you can use the hyphen for one, not use it for the other, to differentiate. although it wasn’t difficult anyway.

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