Friday Flash Fiction

Photo courtesy of Rich VozaTwo years ago, I was flying to Denver to help my mom through her last days.  I used every molecule in my being to push that plane there faster, as I had a suspicion mom was going soon.  Below is something inspired by that journey.  (An earlier post here shares a different aspect of that trip)

This picture has been on my mind as I traveled to and from Washington DC this week – my experience is shared here

Genre: Semi-Autobiographical Fiction

Word Count: 100


I startled awake from a restless sleep, feeling I was forgetting something.  Reality reimposed itself, awareness settled in.  Fleeting bits of a dream surfaced, contrails of thought surfacing in my emotions – my mother, whole and healthy, holding my hand.  Closing my eyes, I tried to conjure up the feeling of warmth and peace I’d felt.  Only vibrations remained.

“Flight attendants, please be seated in preparation for landing.”

Bumping to earth, I powered on my phone.  The voicemail alert chimed.  “Hi sis, there’s no rush now…”

Meeting in the air, her final touch was ephemeral – healing, loving, then gone.

The photo prompt is courtesy of Rich Voza.  Links to all the other Flash Friday Fictioneers can be found here.

© Erin Leary

31 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. This was just so sad Erin, I could really empathise with that concept of trying to get there in time. We were trying to get back from Cape Town when my father in law was dying, and of course British Airways were on strike… I hope you did manage to get there in time.

    • Thank you, Sandy. Sadly, I did not. My mom passed away just as my plane touched down. It was sort of poetic and I like to think that she and I crossed paths, me in my descent to earth, she as she made her way to the other plane of existence. That made me feel better about it.

  2. Dear Erin,

    I am kneeling here in front of my computer (the chair sucks) and am close to tears from the magnificent beauty of your story. Real or imagined, it is perfect and powerful. One of the best I’ve ever read in FF ever. Your work this week is why I wade through all the rest of the stories. Diamond in the rough. Stunning writing.



  3. Dear Erin,
    Stunning! Applause! It brought back memories of when I lost my mom. We were off on a mini vacation when word came that she’d lost her battle with cancer. I could say more but I don’t want to add or subtract from your stellar story.

  4. All I can say is Wow. What a lovely dream. My parents have been gone a few years now, but they occassionally visit me in my dreams. They are much younger now and in excellent health. Sometimes I wake up with tears, but they are tears of joy. Thanks for sharing this very personal story.

    • Thank you, Russell. I enjoy the dreams when i get a visit from one of my parents or my sister. They are infrequent, but welcome opportunities to have them with me briefly.

  5. Dear Erin – So sorry your experience ended in this way. We try to always be there for our family, but sometimes our best attempts just don’t amke the grade. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Dear Erin, Oh, I was so sad to read this and sorry you couldn’t say goodbye in person. She said goodbye to you though and that must have been some comfort. This is beautifully written and emotionally charged.

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