Flash Friday Fiction

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and I spent it traveling 8,000 miles from Helsinki to home. The day was longer than the normal 24 hours as I traveled west around the world, which allowed me ample time to think about her on her special day. This picture was also in my mind. This is the result, trying my hand at poetry.


A Thousand Points of Light

Colors dance in the sky,
they rise and fall
in syncopated rhythm –
swell, dim, repeat

Exploding up
rocketing, releasing –
light shining
on upturned faces

Reflecting beauty
leaving joy
wonder abounds –
then, they are gone

Pressing a mark on memory
beauty too soon smoke
a trail in the sky to remember
when the light fades away

The photo prompt is courtesy of Lora Mitchell. Links to all the other Flash Friday Fictioneers can be found here.
© Erin Leary

25 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

      • I had assumed that she was no longer with you, Erin, from the poem. I meant that wherever she is now, she would be pleased and proud.
        My condolences on a happy-sad anniversary.

  1. well done. lots of images in there. about this though: syncopated rhythm. i think that might be repetitive, like saying “a big giant.” because i think syncopated means “in rhythm.” not 100% sure.

    • Thanks, Rich. I used sycopated rhythm as it means cutting short the usual beat – typically used in music. For some reason, it felt right and i like how the words flow.

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