Flash Friday Fiction

187 at 708 Fulton

Photo courtesy of Jean L. Hays

Photo courtesy of Jean L. Hays

The confectionery was usually quiet at this hour. Tonight, it buzzed with blue and red lights, crackles of urgency and subdued police talk.

– Dispatch to scene, coroner is en route.
– Copy.

The storefront was made unusual by one lone man on the pavement, holiday red leaking from a single wound to his head, his Christmas sweater a sad reminder of the season.

– Looks like he had to get one last thing for their dinner. Wonder why he was the target?

Beside him lay the ruins of a gingerbread house, silent in the night.

I think the news of random violence has been in my mind lately. I am heading to Finland in the morning for a week’s visit. Happy holidays to all!

The photo prompt is courtesy of Jean L Hays. Links to all the other Flash Friday Fictioneers can be found here.

© Erin Leary

42 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. I’m assuming 187 is a homicide? Clever title… and clever words… I will just ditto everyone above me about the ‘silent in the night’ and ‘holiday red’ lines. Well done sad story. Have a good time in Finland… looking forward to reading about it.

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