Flash Friday Fiction

Future View


Whenever she felt like things couldn’t possibly work out between them, the photo she’d seen in a shop in Paris as a student came back to her. It was a black and white picture of two older people, walking along a path in the park. Their body language, hands entwined, leaning slightly toward one another, said it all:  we are one, we are for each other.  Like a totem, the picture reminded her of what lay ahead; that staying the course was the only way to get there. She drew herself up, reentered the room, her eyes on the future.

The photo prompt is courtesy of Madison Woods. Her story can be found here, along with links to all the other Flash Friday Fictioneers.

75 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. I love how the picture only had anything to do with your story at the edges. It truly was inspiration and that’s sometimes where the best writing comes from. I loved your image of the old couple walking, still in love after all those years.

    Very nice

  2. I like the way you reference a photo as a ‘grounding point’ for the relationship. You know, I may just keep one of those B & Ws that come with the picture frame for the same purpose 🙂 Lovely story, Erin. Thanks for reading & commenting on mine.


    • Indeed. The picture that I reference is actually one I used to own with my ex-husband. We bought it together at a photography show. Deciding which of us would take it when we divided our things was probably the hardest moment in the whole process. He has it.

  3. What a romantic take on the prompt – it’s amazing how the feeling changes to see it in black and white – some irony here beccause there is nothing black and white in a relationship.

  4. This is really wonderful, what I love the most about it is te fact that it is such a reality. Yeah even when we are married sometimes it just feels like you dont even know what is happening and how you will get through it but there is always that hope, something that bring us back to where we should be. I love that about your story. Thank you .

  5. Very beautiful, Erin. I loved how you changed the photograph to reflect what it inspired. I would suggest that “leaning slightly toward the other” is awkward. Rephrasing may help with readability. (“Their” and “the other” don’t go together very well. [plural/singular])

  6. A great tale.
    I loved the way you used a black & white version of the picture prompt. I think it added to the sense of longevity and togetherness that you portrayed in your story.

  7. I liked the black and white twist. Loved how your character drew on an image from the past to help her face what sounds like a difficult future.

  8. I loved this one because of the affirmation of a working relationship. Everyone today is so eager to throw things away (including relationships) and this spoke to the exact opposite of that.

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