Flash Friday Fiction


Photo prompt courtesy of Madison Woods

The Turn

– You think you can do it?

– Yeah, I can make that turn.  Can you?

– Sure, it’s easy.  Why – you scared?

– Nah.  You’re the baby.

– I’ll go first, since you’re such a weenie.

– Watch me nail it!  Ayayayaya……

– You OK in there?

– Yeah – I missed the turn, though. Wait for m–

– I’m going.  Waaaaaahh……


– Oh man, you were screaming like a little girl—hey, you OK?

– No you idiot!  I think I broke my effing arm.

– Uh oh.  We are so busted.


Today’s post is part of Flash Friday Fictioneers. The photo prompt is courtesy of Madison Woods. Her story can be found here, along with links to all the other Flash Friday Fictioneers.


28 thoughts on “Flash Friday Fiction

  1. LOL, I could overhear that conversation. Sounds like they were on skateboards. Great story of dialogue, it was realistic.

  2. Loved this. You captured these kids to a “T”…even their teasing and cussing. .There’s a playground near me. I see these young daredevils skateboarding every day…falling on their “bloody arses” and “breakin’ bones.” I also hear the ambulance sirens at least twice a week, carrying them off to the ER and hoping their parents have health insurance. Tks for the good read. And tks for visiting my blog and story.

  3. Dear Erin,
    I love short pieces that are all dialogue, and you did it extremely well. When they get a little older, I can just here one of them say, “Hold my beer while I try this.”

  4. Great stuff, very clever to tell a story using only dialogue. Also the way in which you write it lends the boys’ speech an authenticity and gives us a good feel for their personalities. A nice sense of humour in this story too, good observational comedy 🙂

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