Five Five Eleven

I have lived a year without you but never a day without thinking of you.  Sometimes with joy and happiness, sometimes with pain and sadness, but always with a feeling of emptiness as a result.  The times I thought to pick up the phone to tell you something or share news, the memories of past times together remembered but no longer possible – each time I am reminded anew that you are gone and my lifelong tie to you is severed.

So I have conversations with you in my head, I hear your deep voice rumbling with laughter and I know that you are always with me –  in my heart, in my head and everywhere around me if I choose to look.  For that, and for all my wonderful memories , I am grateful.  But I miss you, every day, in so many ways.

A year, a blink of an eye, an eternity….I am still learning  how to live in a world without you.

Joe Kearney, the best dad ever

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