Thoughts on Spirituality

To my children –

I’ve been thinking about my own spirituality lately and wondering if I have done enough in sharing what I believe with you.  As a parent, I want to be sure that I haven’t left you dangling or done a poor job of creating a foundation for your own spiritual path.  I know that we have shared experiences going to church, to Camp Huston, and we’ve talked a lot about religion, belief, etc., but do you know what I believe and why? I want to take a few minutes to share it – it’s taken me some time to really get clear on it and some prompting from the universe.  Jan and dad’s health has been one reason it’s been on my mind.  When confronted with the possibility of death, what one believes and why is brought back to mind, or in my case, the heart and mind.

First of all, let me just say that what I believe is right for me.  I don’t want to presume to tell you what you should feel or believe, but in sharing this with you, I hope you have a more complete understanding of me.  That’s my only intention for doing this.  That and I love you beyond measure.  With that said, here goes:

I believe in God, the father, the creator of all that is seen and unseen. I believe in Jesus as a part of God, his son.  In order to better understand his creation, Jesus had a human experience and died for our sins.  His sacrifice was based in love and understanding the challenge of having free will.  I believe in the Holy Spirit as the giver of life, who together with the father and son becomes one. This power lives in each of us, connecting us to one another and creates the fabric that holds us together.  God is in us, a part of us, living and doing in partnership with man.  Our connection with God allows us to be a part of something larger and creates meaning.  It comes with joy and fulfillment; it comes without judgment and is personal.  Finding God within one’s self is a pursuit of the heart and soul. In accepting that God lives through me, my connection to the whole has more value and my life is enriched. I believe that others experience this, too

The premises of my beliefs are:

  • Love is the foundation and a shared human experience; it gives meaning to life
  • God is a human construct of a power that exists in the universe and takes many forms – the 3 separate entities are replicated in many religions and I think it helps to wrap your head around a very complex idea
  • Connecting to this power is mutually beneficial – it fills the heart and soul with energy and returns positive energy to the world
  • The connections to a higher power (God) comes from many paths and is called many things, all of which are true
  • Religious writings (Bible, Koran, Torah) are reflections of the human understanding at that time and should be read as such
  • Organized religion is optional, not a necessary component of a spiritual life

My hope for each of you is that you find your own path to make the connection you need to enrich your life.  I hope that you feel that you have within you a power of the divine and the ability to be a part of the greater experience that comes from being linked at the heart and soul to a higher power.

With all my heart and infinite love – Mom

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