What I Want

My needs are pretty simple, really.




  • I want people to be nice to each other – treat other humans decently and with respect.
  • I want my kids to feel safe in their world and know that they belong there.
  • I want to create connections with others, not focus on the differences – find those areas of commonality that help create community.
  • I want to be free of fear from sources outside my control.
  • I want to be able to think for myself, act for myself, and be OK with the consequences.
  • I want to NOT be told how things are by media sources whose primary goal is not to report facts but to generate profits.
  • I want to be surrounded by love, not hate.
  • I want to be able to be myself with those I love – and even those I know but don’t love yet.
  • I want to feel OK being human – stop pretending to be perfect and allow myself the freedom to be imperfect.
  • I want to live in a world where making connections is more important than political correctness.
  • I want to roll back time to a simpler era when things were clearer, less information was thrust at you and you could think freely.
  • I want to pass along tolerance and respect to my kids and hope that they learn to come to their own conclusions as well.
  • I want to solve big problems like cancer, war, and addiction – but know that I can’t do it on my own.
  • I want us all to be able to be queen (king) for a day to know what the immense responsibility of being in charge really means.
  • I want to not be referred to as a group of anything – women, whites, political bias, whatever –but to be seen as an individual who may or may not conform to demographic norms.
  • I want to love when I feel love and support those people I love to the utmost. 
  • I want to live forever and be surrounded by the wonderful family and friends that have populated my life.  OK, I know this one’s not really possible, but it’s what I want, so I listed it. 

What do you want?

Tell me something good.....

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